Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the scientist in all of us by igniting a spirit of inquiry.

Our Values

We value adventure, community, courage, curiosity, determination, experience and above all self-discovery.

Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize our interim facility as a proof
of concept of a STEM educational facility and to galvanize our community of supporters to create a permanent facility in Central Texas.

Our Team

From astrophysicists and archaeologists to artists
and entrepreneurs, we have a team that is deeply dedicated to advancing science in society.


After three years in our interim facility in Cedar Park, the Texas Museum of Science & Technology has closed our doors.  Although we will not have a permanent location for now, we will still remain as an organization doing science outreach throughout central Texas.  So keep your eyes out for us!

We opened our doors on March 20th, 2015 with our first exhibition BODY WORLDS.

For almost 13 years we were known as the Austin Planetarium.  We traveled around the central Texas area with our mobile planetarium doing shows, events, and outreach programs.  In March 2015, we set up in an interim facility in Cedar Park.

It is our vision to create a world-class, destination science and technology center where curious minds of all ages come from across Texas and around the world to discover the great knowns and unknowns of our universe.

We are still very young, and still have a lot to do.  But everybody on staff is incredible and very dedicated to the museum.  We all believe that a strong appreciation and education of science makes for a better society.  So we are doing our part to bring informal science to the community and culture of central Texas.

Come see us, and support us as we learn and grow together!