The Texas Museum of Science & Technology currently has three exhibit spaces as well as our planetarium. 

Amazing Butterflies

Explore the complicated and challenging life of a butterfly through this interactive maze.  This exhibition is geared towards our younger visitors (10 and under) but adults can have fun too.  Come get lost in this maze and you start your journey as a caterpillar and work your way up to a full grown butterfly.


Explore our permanent Timewalk exhibition, journeying from the deep past of the Precambrian Era, through the Jurassic, into the Holocene Period—meeting some extraordinary individuals along the way.

As you stroll through over 4 billion years, you will encounter ancient, many-legged trilobites, ancient animals that once lived in what is now Texas, and the skull of the fiercely toothed, infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. You will have the opportunity for a close and personal encounter with “Lucy”, the famous Ethiopian australopithecine.  Rounding out your walk, you’ll come face to face with the full skeleton of “Emily”, our saber-tooth cat. You’ll find many more toothed, armored, horned and winged creatures from Earth’s past along your journey, so come introduce yourself to them all!

Drugs: Costs & Consequences

This is an exhibit from the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum that began a national tour in 2002. With content specific to each location where it is displayed, the exhibit presents both a global and historical overview of the many costs and consequences of drugs on society.

Far Out

Come see Far Out, a new art exhibition in
partnership with the American Astronomical Society coincident with the American Astronomical Society
summer meeting and the Women in Astronomy conference, both in Austin, Texas. A mini, traveling version
of the Art & Science 2017: James Webb Space Telescope exhibit currently on display at the Visitors
Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, artwork in the Far Out exhibit was inspired by NASA’s
James Webb Space Telescope.