Astronomy & Physics Activities

1: Solar System Bracelet
Students will discuss the order of the planets in our Solar System and some features of each. Then they will make a bracelet using beads to represent the planets of the Solar System including the Sun, asteroids, and dwarf planets, to help them remember the order. Materials and details will vary depending on the age of the students. (Grades: PreK-1)

2: Solar System Walk + Orbiting Objects
If the distance from the sun to the edge of our solar system were 100 feet, where do you think each planet would be on that scale? Find out by guessing and then walking our solar system. The answers might surprise you!

Explore gravity and orbits with our interactive model of a solar system, using a variety of “planets” on our “fabric of space-time”. (Grades: 3-12)

3:  Star Wheels
Students will construct  a Star Wheel/Planisphere which will help them determine which constellations are in the sky on any date and time. (Grades: 4-12)

4: Solar Eclipses
On August 21, 2017 there will be a rare total solar eclipse visible on a path through the center of the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. In Central Texas we will see only a partial eclipse, but this is still an uncommon event. Using a variety of manipulatives students will learn all about solar eclipses and how to safely view them, in preparation for the August eclipse. (Grades 3-5)

Paleontology & Earth Sciences Activities

1: Triceratops Footprint
Students guess how many of their feet will it take to fill up a Triceratops track. Then, they trace and cut out their footprints to test their guesses. Classrooms will get to take home their Triceratops print covered in the students’ footprints. (Grades PreK-K)

2: Ecosystem Jenga

*description coming soon

3: Galapagos Finches

*description coming soon 

4: Clouds 

*description coming soon

Egyptology & Archaeology Activities

1: Mummification
Students will learn about the science of preserving soft tissues through mummification. Younger students will experiment with apple mummification. Older students will also use a doll to study the process the Egyptians went through to mummify corpses. Lesson will be modified depending on age and abilities of students. (Grades 1-8)

2: Shaduf (Engineering Brown Bag Challenge)

Students will be shown an image of a shaduf and then challenged to make one in a group. Each group will be given a brown bag of objects and students are encouraged to use their creativity to create a working shaduf. (4-12)

3: Artifacts: A Key to History
**Description coming soon