Come see a guided tour of our nighttime sky in our immersive, 4K, digital planetarium.  Planetarium shows for field trips last approximately 30 minutes and include a live presentation by a trained astronomer and a short video.

The live presentation covers topics in our night sky such as constellations, patterns and cycles, overviews of selected celestial bodies in our solar system, and more.

We currently have these short films available.

  1. Clockwork Skies (recommended preK-3rd)
    Running roughly 5 minutes, this video highlights prominent objects in our sky, patterns and cycles, and how the precision of the sun, moon, and stars are reflected in our daily timekeeping.
  2. The Incredible Sun (recommended 4th and 5th)
    Running roughly 11 minutes, this video shows how astronomers study the sun, including its patterns and its relationship with Earth.
  3. Journey to the Center of the Milky Way (recommended 6th and up)
    Running roughly 7 minutes, this video explains how astronomers have used different wavelengths of light to discover a black hole.