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Please contact fieldtrip@txmost.org for questions. **

You must have a party of at least 15 people to book a group visit.  Groups over 80 will be asked to schedule their visit over multiple days.  We do group visits for all types of groups including schools, home schoolers, scouts, and adult groups.  Our museum opens at 10 am Monday – Friday, so field trips will start at 10 am or later, unless you have special circumstances.

We do not offer overnight field trips at this time. Scout groups and others may request a field trip on Friday evening, when we close at 9 pm and have stargazing outside, weather permitting.

The table below lists group rates for individual students and chaperones.

Group Rates

PreK – 12th Grade Chaperones*
Planetarium $3 $4
Timewalk $3 $4
Special Exhibition $4 $5
Activity $3 N/A
  • * One chaperone is admitted free for every 10 students.  Additional adults must pay the adult group rates.
  • Minimum Group Size 15 students. If groups drop to less than 15, then you will be required to pay full price, or pay for the minimum of 15 students (whichever is less).

Come check out our fossil collection! Your field trip will include a Timewalk from the earliest fossils that lived nearly 3.8 billion years ago, through the Age of Dinosaurs at about 230-100 million years ago, to the more recent Age of Mammals, including early hominids. Field trips will include a docent-led tour of the Timewalk to help your students understand what they are seeing.

For a limited time, TXMOST is host to TUTANKHAMUN: “Wonderful Things” from the Pharaoh’s Tomb. This exhibit will be available through the spring.

We also have our planetarium, the Larry K. Forrest Memorial Planetarium.

Groups may choose to see the entire museum, including Tutankhamun, Timewalk and the Planetarium, or just Timewalk and the Planetarium (no King Tut), or just a Planetarium show. The maximum group size for a single planetarium show is 25 people in reclining chairs or 50 children sitting on the floor. If your group is larger than that, we will divide them in sections and have another station for the section that is not in the planetarium. Allow 45 minutes per planetarium session. Each session can include a 15-20 minute interactive star tour plus a 25-minute full-dome planetarium show, or a 45-minute Moon/planet/star tour.  For the available options for planetarium shows and star tours, see: Planetarium Shows. 

There are also educator-led TEKS-aligned activities in various science topics for your group. Each activity lasts 30-45 minutes. Due to time required to prepare and lead these lessons, you must have a group of at least 15 to request the hands-on science lessons. The maximum size for science activities is 25-35. Larger groups will be divided into sections. Please note that there is an additional fee for each requested science activity. For the available options for the science lesson activities, see: Field Trip Activities.

Field trips to museum and planetarium generally last 1½ – 2½ hours, depending on age and number of students, and the total number of exhibit and activity stations in your field trip .  Parties larger than 30-40 can expect to be divided into groups. No photography permitted inside the planetarium dome during shows, but photography is allowed before the show starts and in the rest of the museum.  Food and drinks are limited to the cafe area and, with prior permission, in the classroom area. Our small cafe only serves a few snacks and we do NOT have room for large groups to eat here.

You MUST fill out the Field Trip Reservation Form to reserve a date and time for your group visit and to receive an invoice. Please note that all groups must pay in a single check, credit card, or cash transaction to qualify for group rates. All chaperones will be required to supervise students. We allow teachers and chaperones in for free, up to a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio. Additional teachers/chaperones will need to pay adult group rates.

For more information about Field Trips, please contact:

Lucia or Bobby, Education Department
email: fieldtrip@txmost.org
phone: 512-961-5333 ext. 4