Welcome to the Austin Planetarium Discovery Dome


For almost 13 years the Texas Museum of Science & Technology was known as the Austin Planetarium.  We would go out to locations and set up our mobile planetarium for a unique and educational experience.  We still offer this great outreach through our Discovery Dome Program.  We will bring the stars (and a trained astronomy educator) to you!

Our Mobile Planetarium utilizes a portable theater and a state of the art digital projection system. We can project any type of educational programming on the inner ceiling of the inflatable dome, providing an immersive experience, never before offered in the Austin area to the general public.

The dome is eighteen feet in diameter on the inside, with a footprint of about 25 feet, and is 13 feet high. This is more than large enough for an entire average sized class to enter, yet portable enough to be deployed easily to the entire Region XIII area. We can seat up to 45 children or 30 adults and serve the entire five county area.

The TXMOST Discovery Dome is available to everyone including educational institutions, libraries, non-profits and private organizations. We offer a wide variety of Mobile Planetarium Programs of both live presentations and premier international planetarium educational videos.

Click for Mobile Planetarium Reservations. Please note that mobile planetarium reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Reserve the TXMOST Discovery Dome today and we will bring the stars to your school or event venue, along with our astronomy educator. This excellent educational tool has been made possible by a grant from the Texas Space Grant Consortium, and the contributions of the Austin Community College, 3M, Applied Materials, Mirage 3D and Allsky.de.


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