Check out here testimonials and comments from teachers, administrators, and students who have had the Discovery Dome Mobile Planetarium visit their school.

Teacher and Administrator Comments

We were so pleased with the entire experience. We hope to do it again next year!
Cedars International Academy instructional coach

This was an awesome experience for our students and it was very educational and enjoyable.
Llano Elementary, 3rd grade teacher

The students, faculty, and families of our school LOVED the Discovery Dome presentation. Lucia was wonderful and very accommodating to our kids and schedule.
Barbara Jordan Elementary, librarian

I would love to see other subject areas. It is a vehicle to really hold students attention. It could be the next generation of school lab: virtual field trips, performances, etc.
Perez Elementary, assistant principal

It was fun to be in the dome. It took me back to my childhood when we used to go to the Planetarium.
Rodriguez Elementary, librarian

All the parents and students enjoyed the planetarium a lot. It was the biggest hit of our Astronomy themed Family Science Night.
Fern Bluff Elementary, PTA

I am very thankful for having an opportunity to give my students this experience. I am even more excited that there may be a planetarium in Austin in the future. Thank you so much.
Pease Elementary, 5th grade teacher

We greatly appreciated the scholarship which helped pay for 1 day’s visit. I sincerely hope that you continue the scholarship program and that you are able to extend it to more than 2 schools per month. Without the scholarship, all of our students might not have been able to enjoy this experience. Unfortunately, schools will be hit hard by budget reductions next year. Thank you!
Barbara Jordan Elementary, librarian

Keep bringing Science and knowledge to all schools.
Barbara Jordan Elementary, 4th grade teacher

The Mobile Planetarium was a HUGE hit at camp! I had several directors tell me that it was one of the best special events we have ever had at camp.
Kidventure Austin, office manager    


Student Comments

McDade ISD Schools (various grades):

Thank you for showing how the stars connect to make pictures and show us some of the planets and tell us what they are made of and how many moons the planets might have and whats the closest planet to the Sun.        –Jorge

I liked that you told us that each planet had many moons. I can’t believe that one planet can have more than one moon.     Thank you for coming hope we can see you again.  P.S. Hopefully the [planetarium] gets built in Austin soon.    –Rebecca

I really loved the mobile planetarium… I didn’t know that scorpious (sic) and Orion are on the opposite sides of the sky. I didn’t know that the big dipper is part of the Great Bear. I LOVE greek mythology…

I really loved the planetarium and I liked looking at the stars and learning about the planets and stars and I loved seeing the people made out of the stars and stuff like that and I hope you can come every year because when you came that was the best day ever!

Thank you for the planetarium it was really great and cool looking… I liked to see the planets up close. I maybe going to be a astronomy person.

Thank you for coming to show us the planterium (sic)… I didn’t know the sun had cooler spots sometimes as big or bigger than earth. I hope they do build a planturium (sic) in Austin people would be really interested and will learn lots of cool things.
–San Juana

Thank you for coming to our school. I had no idea that so many constellations were in the sky and that Jupiter had so many moons. I especially liked it when you zoomed into the planets. I also did not know that you could not see the north star from below the equator.

I just want to say thank you so much for coming to our school. I really enjoyed it and you kind of inspired me like to be an austronot (sic) or to research and learn a little bit more about space. I wish you could come back and teach us some more.

Rooster Springs Elementary, 2nd grade:

Thank you for teaching us about the stars and space. I learned that the stars move to the East to the west but the North star stays in place.

Thank you for coming it so cool I felt like I was in space… My favorite part was that it felt like it was real.

Thank you for teaching us all about the solar sestem (sic) and moon faces. I learned that all the stars move East to West exapt (sic) for one.

Thank you for taking some of your time off to teach us about things you learn at the planetarium such as moon, stars and of course SPACE. I learned that every night has it’s own constellations and the next year on the same day the constellations will be the same.

I learned that O’Ryan [Orion] the hunter is on the oppisite (sic) side of the sky from the little poisonous squerpion (sic) that killed him. My favorite part was when we zoomed in on Saturn.

I learned that Saturn’s rings were made out of ice. Wow!

I learned that when you can’t see the moon you’ll see it at morning.

Thank you for telling how extrodinary (sic) space is. I learned Saturn looks like a star. My favorite part was theres stories in space. Thanks again for the things you do for kids.


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