Museums are invaluable institutions in the community.  They provide a fun, safe, and exciting place to learn about a variety of things.  But museums start to thrive when they introduce special programs and events to the community.

TXMOST currently offers four programs.  See the list below for more details.

Wee-Searchers  –  This program is geared towards our youngest learners (under age 5).  Wee-Searchers happens every even Wednesday from 9AM-10AM.

Parallax  –  Parallax is our members-only planetarium series that happens on the evening of the last Friday of every month.  Come see exclusive sneak peaks of new content or unique shows not available to the general public.

Science Saturdays  –  Our Science Saturdays take place on the last Saturday of every other month.  These events explore a specific topic and usually include demos and/or hands-on activities for all ages.

Star Parties  –  Our weekly star parties are a chance for you to come look at the night sky through a telescope and ask astronomers questions.  These star parties are free and from 9PM-10PM every Friday if there are clear skies.