ELEMENTS —The TXMOST Volunteer Program

It’s elemental!  Our volunteers matter!


As a young museum with high aspirations, TXMOST knows our volunteers to be essential team members on the path toward our big vision.  If you are interested in giving your time to enrich our patrons’ experience and support our vision, take a look below at our volunteer program opportunities.   We need you!  Hit that button now! (Note: due to our current exhibition needs, we are only accepting volunteers who are 18+ years of age.)

Our volunteers really are elemental!  When you come in as a volunteer, you come in as an “element” and, depending on the hours you’ve spent with us, you will move up the periodic table, and have corresponding badges and rewards as you move through the “elements.”  See the table below for details.

  Tier   Element   Hours    Needed
  One   Hydrogen (H)   Newbie
  Two   Neon (Ne)

Argon (Ar)

Krypton (Kr)

Xenon (Xe)





  Three   Promethium (Pm)

Platinum (Pt)

Gold (Au)

Curium (Cm)





  Four   Fermium (Fm)





Volunteer Areas

We have volunteer opportunities in the following areas of the museum’s mission:

Co-Explorer (Docent)

Engage our patrons and lead groups of all ages, including formal school field trips, through exhibitions.  Interpret exhibits for our patrons and answer their questions.

Planetarium Star Guide

Welcome patrons to the planetarium and aid in daily operations. Tasks include running pre-rendered videos, live-star shows, and daily upkeep.

Build Crew

Participate in gallery construction, electrical work, painting, and clean-up of those tasks.  If you are a handy man, we need you!


Support our back office staff with patron communication through tasks such as bulk mailings for memberships, invites to special events, database management, and digitization of records.

Offsite Outreach at Festivals and Events

Help out at the TXMOST booth, explaining who we are, our mission and vision, and what’s exciting about us and help with our Mobile Planetarium Program.  We especially need bilingual English/Spanish volunteers at our offsite events!